Announcing SPARQS: VTAEYC to administer System for Program Access to Resources for Quality Supports

By Sharron Harrington, Executive Director

The Child Development Division (CDD) announced  yesterday that VTAEYC is facilitating an important new state initiative: the System for Program Access to Resources for Quality Supports, or SPARQS. We’re excited to partner with Vermont Afterschool and CDD to provide the resources.

What is SPARQS? This is a long-term, responsive, wraparound system of resources to support high quality for all regulated programs in Vermont. SPARQS will provide consultation, coaching, mentoring, technical assistance support, and program quality assessments. For Vermont Early Childhood Networks, SPARQS will provide support and resources at the network level as well as for individual programs.

Here at VTAEYC, we are going to be very busy ramping up our internal resources and staff to support SPARQS. We anticipate this new program to begin rolling out in early July.

We know you have lots of questions. Until we have more information on, you can sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for announcements. Look forward to info sessions, presentations, and other opportunities to learn more.

One of the things I like most about this new system is it’s designed to be flexible and change and grow in response to what our early childhood education and afterschool programs need.

So begin thinking about what you need. We’re here to offer this new system of resources and supports for the long term! The team at VTAEYC is excited and proud to add SPARQS to our portfolio of services and resources.

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