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Kits, publications, videos, and core documents to build awareness of the work to advance early childhood education as a profession - and why it matters.

Flyers, Social Posts, and Toolkits

Social Media Assets To Use And Share
Social Posts: Teaching And Learning Through Play

Tiles showing how early childhood educators use play to help children learn about themselves and their world.

Social Posts: "I Am An ECE"

Quotes from Vermont workforce members about what it means to be an early childhood educator, with photos of Vermont early childhood educators at work.

Social Posts: Audacious Vision + Identity

Social tiles featuring key components of the Audacious Vision for the Profession of Tomorrow and its roles and responsibilities. Text from The Unifying Framework.

Social Posts: Most Popular

This initiative’s most affirming, most liked, and most shared social media posts.


All current Advancing as a Profession flyers available to download, print, post, and share.

Toolkit: Using Your Digital Voice

A toolkit to support early childhood educators as digital advocates on social media. Developed by Let’s Grow Kids in partnership with VTAEYC.

Toolkit: Professional Identity Implementation

Samples, examples, and resources to support implementing our professional identity as early childhood educators in the early childhood education profession.

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Consensus Documents

The Task Force's Publications on How Vermont Aligns With the Recommendations in The Unifying Framework

Professional Identity:
Full | Brief

Three Designations with Aligned Preparation Pathways:
Full | Brief | Video

Professional Compensation:
Full | Video

Professional Licensure:
Full | Brief | Video

Information Sessions & Professional Development

Recordings and Recaps

Virtual Advancing as a Profession professional development sessions are saved to our Youtube playlist after we no longer offer that session. Most are available in both full-length and 20-minute brief versions. You can explore all past offerings in our playlist.

The videos here are info sessions, some of which are embedded in current and past professional development sessions:

“The Legislative Process” Understanding how model legislation eventually becomes law with Let’s Grow Kids’ Chief Policy Officer Sarah Kenney.

“The Role of Higher Ed in Advancing as a Profession” Dr. Kaitie Northey describes how ECE preparation programs support the initiative through a study group created to improve collaboration and alignment with NAEYC’s Professional Standards and Competencies.

“Minimum Compensation Standards” A presentation from Sherry Carlson on the Design Team’s compensation research and recommendations.

Five-Minute Videos

Brief Videos On Core Concepts of The Unifying Framework

VTAEYC publishes short videos to help illustrate core concepts of The Unifying Framework. View our playlist of short videos, which also includes short videos celebrating the early childhood educators leading the effort.

At right:Honoring ECEs Through Professional Licensure

Looking For Supports?

VTAEYC offers career supports, scholarships, grants, and bonuses and can connect you with additional opportunities.
No- or low-cost credential opportunities, combined with your experience can help you transition to ECE I, II, or III.