We’re in!

Early childhood educators throughout Vermont are saying, “We’re in for a well-prepared, well-compensated early childhood education profession.”

Across regions and settings, here’s what Vermont early childhood educators say:

“Working to advance as a fully-recognized, cohesive profession allows us to design a most comprehensive blueprint for our future. I imagine there will be many small steps to take as we advance, and having clearly defined goals and a structure will support consistent and positive forward movement.” 

“We work hard to meet the demands of this job (education, regulatory compliance) – not just anyone can do this job. It should be considered a profession.”

“I don’t think most of it will be easy, but if we are cohesive and support each other, we can get there.”

“I believe this shift will take time and calm, consistent, organized effort. Educators from all levels should be welcome and welcomed to actively participate in realizing the end goals.”