Advancing as a Profession: Draft recommendations for minimum compensation scale

In 2022, a design team made up of Vermont early childhood educators and statewide stakeholders drafted a model for minimum compensation standards for an early childhood education profession. Workforce feedback, collected from Advancing as a Profession sessions and surveys, was incorporated into these draft recommendations.

In this video, design team member Sherry Carlson, Chief Program Officer at Let\’s Grow Kids, reports out on the proposed minimum compensation standards in the session “Advancing as a Profession: What’s the Latest?” during VTAEYC’s 2022 Annual Conference.

For the full context surrounding these draft recommendations, early childhood educators are strongly encouraged to attend “What’s the Latest?” professional development sessions from Advancing as a Profession, held virtually through Winter 2023. Click here to register.

Click here to review the powerpoint.

These proposed recommendations have been shared with groups studying and making recommendations for financing early childhood education in Vermont as well as with members of Vermont’s early childhood education workforce.

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