Message from Ann Moore, heading on a new adventure

By Ann Moore

A new adventure ahead for me… and I\’m feelin\’ good! 

I am stepping back from my full-time position at VTAEYC this month. With a very successful annual conference in Burlington last month and a growing and engaged membership, I know that VTAEYC is in a very good place and I am proud of my efforts and contributions to our successes. 

I will continue on as the part-time coordinator for the VTAEYC Exchange. This is our exciting new initiative to inspire learning and action where early childhood intersects with society’s most pressing issues. I will also continue as an adjunct faculty member with CCV.  I am particularly excited about the opportunity to devote more time and energy to my family including my five grandchildren.

I will always be an active member of VTAEYC and I\’ll continue to spread the good news about the value of membership;  affiliating with others through this organization brings benefit to our communities and our careers. 

At VTAEYC, it\’s all about growing careers and widening access to affordable high-quality professional development. The financial support of the members and program sponsors sustains the good work. 

If you haven\’t joined, do so today! 

Find me now through the VTAEYC Exchange! Same email: 

Enjoy the harvest season!



Ann Traverso Moore
St. Johnsbury, VT

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