Celebrating Week of the Young Child! April 10-16, 2021

Let\’s start celebrating! 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Week of the Young Child: a fun-filled week celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers, families, and communities.

As we go through the week, consider how you can have fun celebrating in the classroom and how your efforts can help bring positive attention to young children and ECE.

We\’ve included some great tips from our national partners–and a few just for Vermonters–in the WOYC calendar below.

Want some ready-made WOYC posts to share on social media? We\’ve got you covered! Download them here!



Kickoff Saturday

Time to plan the week!

  • Check out NAEYC\’s Activity Resources and the America for Early Ed WOYC Toolkit for activity ideas and advocacy tips.
  • Remember to tag your social posts #WOYC21.




Music Monday

In the ECE classroom: Music Monday is more than singing and dancing. It’s a way to encourage children to be active while developing their early literacy skills and having fun with friends and family!

As an ECE advocate: Join the chorus for change! Encourage Vermont\’s elected leaders to support H.171, and thank those who already voted Yes!

\"Child Tasty Tuesday

In the ECE classroom: Tasty Tuesday isn’t just about eating your favorite snacks together. It’s also about cooking together and connecting math with literacy skills and science while introducing ways to incorporate healthy habits into children’s lifestyles.

As an ECE advocate: Together, we can build a recipe for equitable success! How are you advancing equity in your own practice? Post your responses and reflections on social media using #EquityInECE.


Work Together Wednesday

In the ECE classroom: When children build together they experience teamwork and develop their social and early literacy skills. Grab some materials and create!

As an ECE advocate: Learn together, work together, build together. Sign up for our latest PD: A Well-Compensated Profession, and watch these webinars on ECE relief funding: Spend Every Dime: How $40 Billion Can Change Child Care and Understanding Federal Funding: What\’s In It for Family Child Care?



Artsy Thursday

In the ECE classroom: Children develop creativity, social skills, and fine muscles with open-ended art projects that let them make choices, use their imaginations, and create with their hands.

As an ECE advocate: Design with a purpose: A framework by the field for the field. Take the time to study the Unifying Framework, review Vermont\’s work to Advance ECE as a Profession, and host a watch party of our latest video: Investing in Early Childhood Educators.


Family Friday

In the ECE classroom: Parents and families are children’s first teachers. Family Friday focuses on engaging families to support our youngest learners.

As an ECE advocate: Finding balance. Engaging and celebrating families is at the heart of supporting our youngest learners.

Keep your ECE \”family\” strong with positive messages for colleagues and networks, and join or renew your VTAEYC membership!