A warm hello from VTAEYC\’s new Executive Director, Janet McLaughlin

I am honored to be joining VTAEYC and excited to work with you to create the early childhood education system that Vermont\"Janet kids, families and educators deserve.

This work is close to my heart. I’ve spent much of the last eight years learning from our state’s talented early childhood educators: first as caregivers and educators for my two now-elementary-aged sons; then as a volunteer Board member and treasurer at Pine Forest Children’s Center; and, finally, as a senior leader at Let’s Grow Kids, where I worked closely with early childhood educators in pursuit of accessible, affordable, high-quality child care.

These experiences have solidified a deep respect for the work of Vermont’s early childhood educators and a commitment to ensuring that all children benefit from your expertise. I share your belief that, at its best, early childhood education has the power to advance equity and create a more joyful and just society.

As VTAEYC\’s first full-time Executive Director, I’m eager to work with members, partners, families and the many stakeholders in early childhood education to create a system that truly values and centers the expertise of early childhood educators. 

That’s why VTAEYC’s role in developing and supporting professionals in the field through programs like TEACH, Apprenticeship, and continuing education is so essential. And it’s why we need to continue to work together to create a shared vision for early childhood education and advance policies that make it a reality.

I would love to connect with VTAEYC members and stakeholders as I get started. What does VTAEYC mean to you? How should it strengthen and evolve? What would be helpful to you, your colleagues, your families? 

Please feel free to reach out to me at janet.mclaughlin@vtaeyc.org anytime to share your thoughts or set up a time to talk.

All the best,


Janet McLaughlin

VTAEYC Executive Director


P.S. A little more about me: Originally from Cleveland Ohio, I arrived in Vermont (via DC, CO, and MA) about eight years ago after marrying a Vermonter. We love raising our family here, playing in the mountains, lakes and rivers and enjoying the delicious local foods (including from our prolific backyard peach tree). If you’d like to learn a little bit more about my 20+ years in nonprofit leadership, check out my LinkedIn profile.