Year Three: How you can get involved

by Susan Titterton, Project Coordinator

“One of the most significant results of shifting to a unified profession is that we are creating the space and opportunity for the profession itself to take the lead in defining who early childhood educators are, what we do, what we will be held accountable for, and what supports we need to ensure our success.”   – Power to the Profession

To live into “the profession itself taking the lead,” we must build our shared understanding so we can give informed feedback on our future as a profession.


Are you new to Advancing the Profession?

Start here! PD1: Introduction and Professional Identity

This recorded PD1 session is a helpful prerequisite for PD2, coming very soon.

Watching the recording does not include credit. To take PD1 for two credit hours, we will offer more live sessions before PD2 launches. Keep an eye on your inbox for registration details both PD offerings.

Comments from past participants:

  • I found this incredibly eye-opening and even a little emotional (in a good way). In ECE you can feel alone. To hear all the unified voices was empowering.
  • I’ve started my career in ECE at an exciting and innovative time. I’m eager to help advance this movement.
  • I continue to follow this journey. After 35 years in the field, I am excited to see our work get the recognition it deserves!
  • This opened my eyes to the importance of working together to help others understand ECE. It made me aware of how hard the Task Force is working.
  • I was super impressed with the presentation and the technical participation components.
  • I am inspired by everyone’s elevator speeches, including my own!
  • (Sample elevator speech) Advancing the profession is crucial for building a bridge from here to the future for professionals, as well as for our young students. These advances set the stage for ECE to garner respect from our communities, increase educational opportunities for teachers, and become a unified face, prepared for action when federal funding is introduced.


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