Year Three: Task Force focus

by Susan Titterton, Project Coordinator


As we say farewell and thanks to three Task Force members, the rest of the original sixteen are continuing in Year Three. What have we accomplished? What’s in progress, and what’s next?



  • Did case studies of two typical ECE workforce members becoming a part of the profession: Case #1: Family child care provider with a CDA and some college credits, 18 years of experience, serving 10 children ages 6 weeks to 10 years. Case #2: Center-based teacher, junior member of a team, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and 60 clock hours in ECE, helping with ages birth through 5 years old.
  • Our takeaways on the case study experience:
    • There is a lot of work to do, to get things in place.
    • We need the ability to relate to complexities, to communicate about this work.
    • Case studies help to bridge to the concrete questions. Makes it real and honors the many pathways.
    • This illuminates a lot of issues, places that need alignment and coordination.
    • It highlights the importance of a “bridge to the bridge” for the current workforce.
In progress and next:
  • Share our new Discussion Draft with the workforce and gather feedback through conversations and surveys.
  • Begin study of what the Unifying Framework recommends for “Professional Compensation.”
  • In December, analyze workforce feedback on the Discussion Draft and publish a Consensus Document that reflects that feedback.
  • Continue to read, study and discuss the Unifying Framework, and engaging our colleagues in the ECE workforce with guiding ideas such as these:
    • We are working to build trust and maintain relationships. The idea “nothing about us without us” is important.
    • Positive relationships are at the core of quality. All early childhood educators, regardless of designation or role, are accountable for supporting child development and learning and meeting guidelines.


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