ARPA Child Care Stabilization Grants

Child Care Stabilization Grants are available now!

These grants, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, are intended to help regulated providers stabilize their operations, compensate staff, and cover unexpected COVID-related costs. Funds may help pay for:

  • Payroll/salaries, employee benefits, premium pay, costs for employee recruitment and retention
  • Rent or payment on any mortgage obligation, utilities, facility maintenance or improvements, or insurance
  • Personal protective equipment, health and safety supplies, equipment, training
  • Goods and services necessary to maintain or resume child care services
  • Mental health support for children/families and employees

Here are the steps:

  1. Review the Child Care Stabilization Grant Program page, including the tutorial and FAQs
  2. Watch the Let\’s Grow Kids webinar or review the slidedeck for strategies for using ARPA funds to address staffing

3. Apply for your Child Care Stabilization Grant!

Applicants whose forms are in by November 10 will receive their first payment by the end of the month; applications received after Nov. 10 will be prorated.

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