Taking a Moment to Recognize and Celebrate Johanna Vaczy

The Board of Directors for the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children (VTAEYC) is delighted to share this tribute to Johanna Vaczy.

\"\"Johanna served as President of the VTAEYC Board of Directors for three years, elected by her colleagues.
During that time she skillfully facilitated Board development, helping to identify gaps in Board composition and implementing new ways to recruit members with the necessary expertise. Johanna deepened our understanding of Board roles and responsibilities through training and by her own practice. This increased Board member engagement and initiated the important process of becoming a Governing Board. Johanna’s leadership has strengthened VTAEYC as a professional organization and positioned us well to best serve Vermont’s Early Childhood community in the coming years.

In addition to leading the Board of Directors, Johanna worked closely with Sonja Raymond, Executive Director of VTAEYC. Sonja writes, “Her selflessness and commitment to what is best for the organization and its membership is always at the forefront. Johanna has worked tirelessly alongside other board members to strengthen VTAEYC as a professional organization that offers value to its members, plays an important role in our community, and is a collaborative statewide partner.  It has been an honor and pleasure to work with Johanna in her role as President.”

Johanna leads by example. Her style is unassuming, quiet, steady, thoughtful and strong. She recognizes challenges as opportunities and lends her support to move projects forward. She intentionally seeks the knowledge and expertise of others, promotes collaboration, and strategically considers the best path to achieving the association’s long-range vision and mission.

Over the next two years Johanna will continue her service to VTAEYC as Past President of the Board, continuing to develop Board leadership and practice, and supporting important VTAEYC initiatives.