Couldn\’t take the latest PD? Never fear – we made it into a short video!

Early childhood educators all over the state participated in our latest PD offering: Three Designations with Aligned Preparation Pathways. And there are a few more PD sessions still scheduled!

But still, not everyone has had the chance to participate. So in our continuing efforts to make this project as inclusive as possible, we condensed the PD session into a 15 minute video.

So if you didn\’t have a chance to learn about Three Designations with Aligned Preparation Pathways in an online real-time training, now you can watch this brief video to learn about the key concepts. It\’s not as thorough as the online real-time PD – our PD sessions are always the best way to learn about our work to advance. But you\’ll learn enough to consider the concepts and confidently take the follow up survey. And we really need you to do that.

You\’ll learn about:

  • Three designations (ECE I, II, III) – the roles early childhood educators will hold in the workplace.
  • Aligned preparation pathways – the preparation needed to hold these different roles, and the importance of making this preparation easy to navigate.
  • Phased-in implementation that honors the future and existing workforce

And you can watch it while you\’re eating lunch!

It\’s so important to offer your feedback about these concepts. After you watch the video, click here to take the survey (it\’s also in the video description.)

Thank you! Our next PD offering will be on Compensation, so stay tuned.

Want to learn more? Dive deeper into our Task Force\’s Discussion Draft on Three Designations with Aligned Preparation Pathways, and into Power to the Profession\’s Unifying Framework.