Task Force Drafts First Step for Advancing as a Profession

Task Force Drafts First Step for Advancing as a Profession

By: Susan Titterton

 Q: This is so big! How can we even get this done?
A: One step at a time. Over time. Together.

Those in the workforce who engaged during Chapter One of this project clearly conveyed their excitement about what advancing as a profession could mean for the future of early childhood education:

  • Greater respect.
  • Increased public will for investment.

In the view of 72% of survey respondents, this work to advance as a profession should continue.

They also had some worries:

  • How could this even happen?
  • What would it look like?

The report recommended next steps, which are now beginning to take shape.

In collaboration, representatives from VTAEYC, Let’s Grow Kids, Starting Points Networks, and the Vermont Child Care Providers Association recruited a Task Force intended to represent diverse workforce perspectives, a variety of roles and settings, and all regions of the state.

On December 6th, the Advancing as a Profession Task Force met to deliberate over the identity of the profession:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?

Building on summary recommendations from NAEYC’s Power to the Profession, the Task Force reached a consensus decision about draft proposals to put forth for workforce consideration and feedback. These include:

  • Proposed Name of the Professional – Early Childhood Educator
  • Proposed Name of the Profession – Early Childhood Education
  • Role and Responsibilities – As described by Power to the Profession
  • With three additions made by the Task Force
  • Consistent across all early childhood education settings that support young children birth through age eight
  • Profession Within Early Childhood Field – As described by Power to the Profession

What’s next? How can you get involved?

Through the end of January, facilitated conversations will convene around the state to enable the workforce can hear more about these proposals and share their feedback. The Task Force will review written summaries of those conversations when it meets next on January 31st.

For a conversation in your area, contact Outreach Coordinator, Rachel Hunter: Rachel@letsgrowkids.org

In addition, any members of the workforce who participated in conversations or presentations in Chapter One (last year) or Chapter Two (this year) will receive a survey beginning January 6th. Survey data will be shared with the Task Force. Based on all this feedback, the Task Force will formulate their final recommendations and publish them.

Following that, the Task Force will focus on the next essential question: What do early childhood educators need to know and be able to do?

We encourage you to get involved in building our future!

For more information:

The Task Force’s first Consensus Decision: https://www.vtaeyc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/TF_draft_Identity-Boundary.pdf

The full Chapter One report: https://www.vtaeyc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/ECE-as-Prof_REPORT-Final.pdf

Recommended next steps: read the report, or visit https://www.vtaeyc.org/advancing-as-a-recognized-profession/

Task Force members: https://www.vtaeyc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/vtaeyc-chapter-2-flyer-8.5×11-1-scaled.jpg

Power to the Profession: https://www.naeyc.org/our-work/initiatives/profession