10. Who are the Mentors?

Mentors are experienced head teachers, assistant directors, program coordinators, directors, and others who have agreed to provide guidance and support to the apprentice.

9. Which courses will I take as an Apprentice?

Courses will be offered directly through CCV and apprentices are expected to attend one course per semester. Over the course of apprenticeship, apprentices will take: Dimensions of Self and Society (when applicable)* Introduction to Early Childhood Education Communication in the […]

5. When can I join the Apprenticeship Program?

Apprentices can apply to join the Apprenticeship Program and begin working with their mentor at any time. Your specific schedule for starting college courses will depend on various criteria such as: The schedule for your entry into college courses through […]

4. What are the benefits for Apprentices?

Apprentices: Receive the support of their employer to participate in the Vermont Early Childhood Apprenticeship program. Receive support and guidance from a qualified mentor at their worksite. Gain additional skills and knowledge from required community based training. Earn 18-21 credits […]

3. Who qualifies to be an Apprentice?

Apprentices must: Be currently employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week in a Vermont licensed child care program or Agency of Education setting with a qualified mentor available on site. Be at least 18 years of age with […]

2. Who are the Apprentices?

Apprentices are employed in early childhood programs and have the desire to gain knowledge and improve their skills through a formal training program. This involves on-the-job training with a mentor in their workplace and completing related instruction (6 or 7 […]