Our Communities x Young Children

How We're Making that Vision Real in Vermont

Our goal is to ensure that young children and their families are considered in all community spaces, that the resources available accommodate differing needs and interests, and that young children have the opportunities to contribute to their communities.

Our Communities x Young Children

HeadcshotM L Saxby

Morgan Leichter-Saxby

Independent Researcher and
Co-Founder of Pop-Up Adventure Play

LGK - King Street BDP-1106

Morgan Leichter-Saxby, PhD is a therapeutic and community playworker with more than fifteen years experience supporting children’s play and play professionals all around the world. As an independent researcher and Co-Founder of Pop-Up Adventure Play, their areas of interest include culturally relevant and intersectional approaches to play and public mental health, and environments in which people of all ages can practice skills of curiosity, creativity, and connection. Morgan lives in Westminster, Vermont.

Cathy Siggins Head Shot

Cathy Siggins

Early Childhood Special Educator
at Two Rivers Supervisory Union
and VT College Faculty Member

LGK - King Street BDP-1106

Cathy Siggins is a licensed early childhood special educator with a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Vermont who has been learning and growing with children, families and other teachers in her southeastern Vermont community. Cathy currently has a full time role as the Early Childhood Special Educator in Two Rivers Supervisory Union; she also teaches college courses for VT HEC, VSC and provides mentoring and consultation for initial licensure. Cathy’s work is guided by her deep commitment to nurturing learning communities that recognize and empower the strengths and gifts of every unique person. A long time resident of Brattleboro where she taught for many years while raising her family, Cathy now enjoys living in Chester, where she lavishes a lot of ‘empty nest’ love and attention on her rescue pup Lulu.

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