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Professional licensure is built on a foundation of professional standards and competencies that unify all early childhood educators. NAEYC’s 2020 Professional Standards & Competencies represent the core domains of knowledge and practice required of every early childhood educator. 

Most professions include the component of individual licensure. As it relates to early childhood educators, professional licensure links these converging expectations:

  1. Every early childhood educator will hold an individual license to practice, based on a shared set of Professional Standards & Competencies
  2. Licensed early childhood educators will be paid professional compensation (wages & benefits)

Steps to licensure would include:

  1. Completing an approved preparation program, including required field experiences
  2. Passing a national assessment to demonstrate competency
  3. Gaining a license to practice from a state board

At the same time, Vermont needs a bridge with multiple onramps and supports to transition our current ECE workforce into the profession. These may include:

  • A time period for the phase-in
  • Interim licensure requirements while assessments & other parts of the process are being established 
  • Equivalencies for some parts of the steps to licensure; accepting other pathways to licensure