VTAEYC advances equity and excellence in early childhood education with early childhood educators as our foundation. As a membership organization, we provide resources and advocate for policies that move early childhood education forward now and for the future.


Vermont’s children thrive and realize their true promise in supportive communities.


VTAEYC affirms the core values and beliefs of NAEYC. We also:

  • Believe that a diverse, dynamic, and well-prepared early childhood education workforce is essential.
  • Elevate the voices of early childhood educators – “nothing about us without us.”
  • Insist on compensation commensurate with qualifications, skills, and responsibilities of early childhood educators across all settings.
  • Model and cultivate leadership as an integral factor of excellence and equity.
  • Collaborate to foster a healthy early childhood ecosystem.
  • Honor partnerships between families and early childhood educators.
  • Embrace joy, curiosity, and creative solutions.

Our work is aligned with and guided by:

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