VTAEYC needs more than 50% of our members to vote. Please vote today!

by Sharron Harrington, Christina Goodwin, and Brenda Metzler

UPDATE 9/22/22: Join us for a virtual Q&A 6:30 PM September 29. Bring your questions about the bylaw and election process, or submit them ahead of time. You are welcome to submit questions in advance and we will record the session for those who can\’t attend.

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You may have noticed that the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children has been busy growing stronger in order to serve you better. And now we need your help – we need over 50% of our members to vote by Friday October 14!

Check your email for the link to vote (there is no link on this page).

The email with the link to vote was sent Sept. 12 to all VTAEYC members.

The subject line is \”VTAEYC needs more than 50% of our members to vote. Please vote today!\” and the sender is VTAEYC President Sharron Harrington.

We must adopt new bylaws

The Association’s existing bylaws have been in place since 2004. Since then, Vermont law governing nonprofit organizations has changed, and VTAEYC’s operations have materially evolved. The Governance Committee worked closely with legal counsel Shane McCormack (Paul, Frank & Collins) to update VTAEYC’s bylaws to bring them into compliance with current law and better facilitate the our service on behalf of members and Vermont’s greater early childhood education community.

The VTAEYC Board of Directors unanimously recommended the amended and restated bylaws for your approval.

We need to elect next year’s slate of Board Directors

This process is different from our previous practice and your vote is essential. Our new bylaws allow Board members to serve a maximum of four 2-year terms consecutively. This means that the 2022 slate will show members who are being elected for both 1 year terms as well as 2 year terms. This is intentional as we move toward successfully creating a rotational onboarding and offboarding process by the fall of 2024. 

Learn about the candidates and this new process here.

Voting takes one minute:

  1. Approve proposed new bylaws
  2. Elect slate of members to 1-year term as Directors
  3. Elect slate of members to 2-year term as Directors

Q: I\’m a member but I didn\’t get the email!

You may have accidentally unsubscribed from VTAEYC emails. Please resubscribe here and email us for the link to vote.

Q: I was a member but my membership lapsed!

Please renew your membership here and email us for the link to vote.

Q: I have a question not addressed above.

Email Sharron Harrington with any further questions.


Sharron Harrington, VTAEYC President
Christina Goodwin, Co-Chair, VTAEYC Governance Committee
Brenda Metzler, Co-Chair, VTAEYC Governance Committee

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