Advancing as a Profession Task Force Consensus Document on Professional Identity

The Advancing ECE as a Recognized Profession Task Force has released its first Consensus Document on Professional Identity. This is a significant step in Vermont\’s workforce-led efforts to advance early childhood education as a cohesive, well-resourced, fairly compensated, respected and recognized profession.

The Consensus Document is the first article of consensus reached by Vermont\’s Task Force, a group of ECE workforce leaders from throughout the state.

To read the full Consensus Document on Professional Identity, click here.

To read a two-page brief of the Consensus Document on Professional Identity, click here.

Vermont\’s Task Force includes:

Laura Butler
Stacie Curtis
Kathy Cookson
Kim Freeman
Christina Goodwin
Alyson Gryzb
Kelly Hayes
Tammie Hazlett
Marla Ianello
Meghan Meszkat
Jen Olson
Staci Otis
Susan Torncello
Su White
April Zajko
Rachel Hunter, Outreach Coordinator
Susan Titterton, Project Coordinator