Advancing as a Profession is now offering PD4: Professional Licensure. Register on our events page.

Please see below for synopsis and full videos of past sessions.

Advancing as a Profession provides professional development to involve early childhood educators throughout the state. Participants learn about the national and statewide initiatives to advance, and examine in depth the recommendations put forth by the Task Force. Facilitated conversations give all participants the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the recommendations.

After each training, workforce members offer feedback to the Task Force through surveys. The Task Force reviews and discusses this feedback, using it to inform Consensus Documents.

VTAEYC is an approved Northern Lights professional development sponsor for participants in Advancing as a Profession online real-time trainings.

Advancing as a Profession makes videos of PD sessions available to reach and inform all Vermont early childhood educators. We encourage participating in PD in real time or viewing our videos before registering for the current PD session.

PD Session 3 (2021): A Well-Compensated Profession

Synopsis video containing key points (14:08)

Full recording (1:57:43)

PD Session 2 (2020-21): Three Designations with Aligned Preparation Pathways

Synopsis video containing key points (14:49)

Full recording (1:10:26)

PD Session 1 (2020): Intro to Advancing ECE as a Profession in Vermont

Full recording (1:55:44)