It’s time to say YES! I want early childhood education to be a recognized profession in Vermont.

We need to show strong support from Vermont’s early childhood educators.

If you…

  • Believe in the vision from the Unifying Framework that each and every child, beginning at birth, will have the opportunity to benefit from high-quality early childhood education, delivered by an effective, diverse, well-prepared, and well-compensated workforce across all settings
  • Envision early childhood education as 
    • a well-prepared, well-compensated profession
    • with clear pathways to enter and grow in the profession
    • with consistent qualifications and wage scales for three professional designations, ECE I, ECE II, and ECE III
    • and with portable individual licensure for each designation
  • Trust in a workforce-designed “bridge” that will support today’s early childhood educators in transition to our new profession

Vermont early childhood educators led this project from the beginning.

Early childhood educators discussed how the Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession could work in Vermont.

Early childhood educators are helping design how to implement a new system.

In order to make the case for public investment, we need to show policy makers and legislators who we are, what we will be accountable for, and that we stand together behind our vision.

We need a powerful message from an informed workforce. Say YES! and sign the pledge today!

What else can I do to help?

Share this campaign with your networks and teaching communities so they can say “We’re in!”


Want to be even more involved? Contact Outreach Coordinator Rachel Hunter.