Strengthening Families™ is a research-informed approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.  It is based on engaging families, programs and communities in building five protective factors:

  • Parental resilience
  • Social connections
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development
  • Concrete support in times of need
  • Social and emotional competence of children

The five protective factors at the foundation of Strengthening Families are characteristics that have been shown to make positive outcomes more likely for young children and their families, and to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. Learn more about the research-based Protective Factors Framework and Strengthening Families™ at the Center for the Study on Social Policy website:

Interested in a Training

Through an exciting partnership with the Child Development Division and the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant, the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children is able to assist with the expansion of providing Strengthening Families training and initiatives in the State of Vermont through December 31, 2018. There are two options  – the 17 hour Strengthening Families toolbox training and the 12 hour Essentials training. If you are interested in scheduling a training in your region, or would like to know where trainings are going to be offered, please contact: Brenda Schramm: 802-379-7267 or