VTAEYC’s Quality Improvement Project is designed to assist programs with improving overall quality.  The Quality Improvement Project offers mentoring services for programs wishing to attain/renew NAEYC Accreditation or increase their star level using the Vermont STARS Quality Rating System.

NAEYC Accreditation:

Whether you are interested in becoming accredited for the first time or renewing you accreditation, VTAEYC’s Quality Improvement Project offers mentoring and Technical Assistance.  Our mentors are available to come to your program and meet with you in person and/or to communicate with you through email or via phone.  All mentors have been through the accreditation process themselves as Program Directors and are well equipped to assist your program in all aspects of initial accreditation or renewal.

Vermont STARS Quality Rating System:

If your program is interested in increasing your star level or joining STARS for the first time our mentors can assist.  Our mentors are well versed in all 5 arenas and can help you take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your program, create an improvement plan with achievable goals and assist you in attaining the resources you need to bring about meaningful improvement.

For more information or to find a mentor for your program contact Sonja Raymond at: sonja@vtaeyc.org or 802-578-0735

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