What is the role of NAEYC’s initiative Power to the Profession in our work to advance as a recognized profession here in Vermont?

Power to the Profession offers a useful framework that the Vermont workforce can use to launch our own conversations about advancing as a recognized profession.

Power to the Profession also has a document of FAQs. To learn more about Power to the Profession, click here.

However, Vermont is unique. From the Project Description in the Chapter One Report.
While pulling information from Power to the Profession, this project maintained a commitment to the Vermont workforce engaging in its own conversation–broadly inviting the workforce to host and participate in conversations, documenting their authentic hopes and concerns, and using that information to guide some next steps the Vermont workforce might pursue together. The project aimed to share work happening at the national level regarding ECE advancing as a recognized profession and to gauge the perspectives and the will of the ECE workforce at Vermont’s grassroots level.