Thursday, October 13, 3pm – 4:30pm EST

Using Visual Communication Aids to Support Behavior

Linda Delano Schumacher, M.Ed.

Providing visual communication, or pictures, in an early childhood environment can assist children in understanding what is expected for behavior and routines. In this workshop, we will look at many ways to use visual communication aids to support positive behavior in young children.

Tips and Tricks for Program Directors

Adri Taylo-Behrman

Join a Northern Lights Resource Advisor for an overview of Northern Lights and the supports we offer. Participants will review Bright Futures Information System (BFIS) Quality Credentialing accounts and what needs to be submitted, discuss staff education requirements and pathways to meet them, and identify different types of trainings and how to make sure they count. Bring your professional development questions and learn some helpful tips and tricks to share with your staff.

Embodied and Transformative Reflective Practices

Morgan Leichter-Saxby

We all want the best for children, families, colleagues and ourselves. Our own identities and experiences inform what we think that means, what we bring to our work, and conversations with one another. In this workshop, we’ll explore common and living metaphors of reflective practice, through a mixture of theory, metaphor, and simple exercises. These are designed to assist practitioners in developing professional and collective integrity in any setting.

Leading Through The Lens Love

Jody Marquis

During this workshop participants will be introduced to a Fear to Love Spectrum, and use the framework to identify observable behaviors of fear inspired leadership vs love inspired leadership. They will engage in specific hands-on practices that provide the catalyst for shifting out of fear based leadership, and into love inspired leadership as means to be a catalyst for creating cultures of community and belonging in the home, workplaces, and communities.

Eagle & Mouse ~ A Tale of Nature Based Leadership

April Zajko

Scurry or soar? Ready to tap into nature-based experiential activities to feel rooted and grounded?
Storytelling and reflective practice help eagle and mouse teach us valuable lessons on leadership.

Advancing ECE as a Profession – Getting Up to Speed

Staci Otis and Christina Goodwin

This is a fun recap of the Advancing as a Profession project to date. We will be talking about the work that has occurred to create a clearly defined early childhood education profession with distinct roles and responsibilities, aligned preparation pathways and licensure, professional compensation, supportive infrastructure and shared accountability. This session is designed for early childhood educators who are just getting involved in the Advancing as a Profession work or may have only had the opportunity to attend one or two sessions in the past.

Kids In Control

Sandra C Soucy

With co-presenter Grace Marek

This workshop will focus on creating a democratic classroom where children and adults are equal stakeholders and decision makers. We will discuss the practices of our school which include children choosing daily chores, leading morning meetings, voting on topics, and negotiating social conflict situations. We will discuss empowering children while guiding them in making decisions that are good for themselves and their community. We will talk about allowing children to make decisions without turning over the reins of the classroom.

Talking With Children About Race and Racial Violence

Emma Redden

This workshop will support educators to speak more directly and more truthfully about race and racism with young children. They will be supported in doing this by reflecting on what language and concepts they already use and engage with that are foundational to racism, as well as reflect on the racial messages that are getting communicated to children just by existing in their schools and communities.