Friday, October 14, 1:15pm – 2:45pm EST

Expand Oral Language with Playful Drama Routines!

Susanna Olson

How can making dramatic choices with voice, body, and imagination broaden oral language skills? Children develop language through practice, especially through encouraging interactions with adults who give them something fun to talk about! In this workshop, participants experience joyful, dynamic tried-and-true drama routines enhanced with research-based oral language strategies proven to meet multiple dimensions of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System. As a follow up, participants receive access to a new free online video PD resource created in collaboration between Champlain Valley Head Start teachers, performing arts and oral language specialists, and Vermont Arts Council.

Leadership Begins With Your Own Story

LouAnn Beninati

Leadership and Advocacy begins with your personal ECE story. Learn ways to share your experiences in service of the mission of quality early care and learning for all VT families. Learn techniques to develop your advocacy storytelling skills, hear from experienced ECE leaders and learn about ongoing leadership and advocacy opportunities in VT.

Focusing on the Strengths of Others for Success

Tracy Cheney

We live in a society in which we are always trying to improve. This workshop focuses on a different approach, that of what is already working well and is inherently a person’s strengths.

Leading with Equity

Shabnam Nolan

Equity is a big word with many meanings. This workshop is tailored to leaders of childcare organizations who are interested in an interactive dialogue where we define equity, explore how it shows up in our organizations, discuss what we can do as leaders to lead with equity, and leave with one action step we can each take in our journey towards an equitable childcare sector.

Supporting Children’s Play

Scott Noyes

Through understanding the function of play, adults can define their role in children’s most natural learning style. By asking ourselves difficult questions, we can start to comprehend how our involvement helps or hinders children’s discovery of their world.

“What’s the Latest?” in the work to Advance ECE as a Profession

Rachel Hunter and Kim Freeman

This workshop is designed for early childhood educators who have some familiarity with this initiative. Participants will be able to describe implementation planning that is underway in Vermont to prepare for early childhood education becoming a recognized profession. Participants will be able to describe the link between this work at the state level and the creation of a national profession.

Joy in Motion: Integrating African-American Art, Culture, Creativity and Resilience into Pre-K-3 Education

Lydia Clemmons, PhD, MPH

With co-facilitators: Kia’Rae Hanron, Clemmons Family Farm K-12 Arts Learning Advisor; and KeruBo Webster, Clemmons Family Farm Teaching Artist

Participants will be introduced to Clemmons Family Farm’s Joy in Motion Pre-K-3 curriculum and learn to use lesson plans, discussion questions, curated resources, and participatory creative activities built around the fascinating and little-known history of Black roller-skating. Each workshop will be co-facilitated by two Clemmons Family Farm team members- a visual arts educator and a music and movement teaching artist.

Pathways to Teacher Licensure

Heather Duhamel, M.Ed.

Are you interested in teaching in a Vermont public pre-K program? If so, you’ll be glad to know there are many pathways to qualifying for an Educator License with an ECE endorsement from Vermont’s Agency of Education. This session explores multiple ways to meet this professional goal while individualizing a pathway that is right for you!