15. What are the sponsor responsibilities?


  • Need qualified mentors on site who are willing to work closely with less experienced staff.
  • Commit to the process of ongoing professional development for their staff members.
  • Should think carefully about which staff members would be a good match for this on-the-job training program and scholarship model.
  • Ensure that the apprentice/mentor team has adequate release time during the regular work week for on-the-job support, including regular observations/assessments and meetings.
  • Document a progressive wage scale during and upon completion of the 4000-hour training program, as prescribed in the Standards of Apprenticeship approved by the VT Department of Labor.
  • Enter into a T.E.A.C.H. scholarship contract for each year their apprentice is in class.
  • Provide 3 hours/week of paid release time for each apprentice during school terms.
  • Ensure their apprentices receive a 1.5% pay increase upon successful completion of each T.E.A.C.H. contract.
  • Provide proof of participation, or willingness to participate, in a quality initiative such as STARS, Head Start, or NAEYC/NAFCC accreditation.