College faculty and instructors teach courses, supervise teaching placements and lead cohorts of students in the field of early childhood education or early childhood special education.  The position requires the ability to develop courses and teach and assess adult learners using a variety of teaching methods and formats. This may include courses in taught in the evenings, online  or in a hybrid format. Courses range in a variety of topics including, but not limited to: infant/toddler development & programming, pre-k and early primary lesson planning, assessment and curriculum development, practicum and student teaching.


Skills and Competencies

  • Advise students; assist students in planning an educational program and in selecting courses, and when necessary refer students to appropriate student services for assistance.
  • Develop and revise departmental curriculum to meet state and local standards.
  • Engage in assessment activities to meet the requirements of the College, program, and course-level student evaluation.
  • Provide access to students through posted office hours, electronic communication, and other appropriate methods.
  • Participate as an active member of working committees dealing with instruction, college-wide and department assessment, student matters and/or college related concerns.
  • Build relationships in Early Childhood Education settings and schools that result in high-quality partnerships and field placements.
  • Provide advice and support for early childhood and education faculty in conjunction with the department.



  • A Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education or Education from a regionally accredited college or university. Ph.D./Ed.D. preferred.
  • Five (5) years’ work experience in an Early Childhood Education or Special Education developmental program with children birth-8 years of age and/or Education field (teaching grades PreK-8).
  • Teacher certification in birth through age 8 education.
  • Teaching experience at the post-secondary level (community college, university, or dual enrollment).
  • Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:
    • Demonstrated experience in Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Education, or related course work at the higher education/college level.
    • Evidence of leadership in the field of Early Childhood Education and/or Education.
    • Demonstrate current knowledge of NAEYC Standards and Vermont Early Learning Standards, Birth through Grade 3.
    • Experience in placement and supervision of students in practicum settings in both early childhood and public school settings.