Why is this work important?

The short and blunt answer is that early care is currently a fragmented field. What do we call ourselves? What do we provide? What education and training is required? How are we viewed within our communities? Fragmentation results in inequitable […]

What are NAEYC and Power to the Profession?

NAEYC is the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Click here to learn who they are and what they do. VTAEYC is the Vermont affiliate of this national organization. According to NAEYC, Power to the Profession “is a national […]

What is a profession?

We’re using this definition, derived from a presentation by Stacie Goffin based on her research: A profession has  1) A well-defined, distinct purpose;  2) Specialized knowledge and skills; and  3) Systems and structures for  preparation,  accountable practice, and  field-wide leadership.

This is so big! How can we even get this done?

As NAEYC moves toward the implementation phase of its collaborative framework, it also recognizes that transforming a field into a recognized profession can’t be accomplished with a fifty state strategy, but a strategy that begins with “some wins” in “some […]

Who is included in the ECE profession?

There is a difference between the ECE profession and the ECE field.  These are the definitions put forth by Power to the Profession, currently under review by Vermont’s workforce: Early Childhood Education (ECE) Profession: The early childhood education profession includes […]

The ECE field is diverse. How will we find consensus?

Slowly. The process requires a lot of listening, a lot of room for feedback, honesty, courage and respect. Consensus does not mean that every person agrees completely with everybody else. It also doesn’t mean a basic majority opinion that disregards […]